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Tower Area

The area surrounding the Tower of Hercules, declared a Natural Area of Local Interest, is a 47-hectare stretch of land covered by paths. It's perfect for walks that allow us to enjoy the landscape and its biological diversity, discover the small coves and marvel at the cliffs bathed by the waves of the Atlantic.

This large expanse of nature in the heart of the city serves as a leisure area where the boundaries between natural and cultural heritage are blurred.

The area is home to great biological diversity, also present in the permanent and seasonal pools found in the coastal rocks and further inland.  More than five hundred native species have been identified, including birds, insects, fungi and plants. Of particular note is the presence of a native species that is considered vulnerable, the Armeria maritima or sea thrift, known as herba de namorar or clavelina de mar. Among the birds, three are 55 which figure in various conservation lists and agreements, along with insects and small mammals.

The impressive landscape surrounding the Tower of Hercules has seven habitats of Community Importance according to the European Commission: sandbanks permanently covered by shallow water, reefs, annual vegetation growing on accumulated marine debris, perennial vegetation on stony banks, cliffs with vegetation of the Atlantic and Baltic coasts and European dry heath.

It should be mentioned that the area around the Tower of Hercules, together with its sculpture park, was also an area of military batteries and witnessed several famous shipwrecks throughout history, such as those of the oil tanker Urquiola, the Norwegian cargo ship Rytterholm and the oil tanker Aegean Sea.

The area surrounding the Tower of Hercules is a wonderful place to get close to nature, a unique privilege not only for the monument, but also for the city, as, just a few minutes' walk from the centre, there is an unparalleled landscape and a great variety of biological life that stimulates all the senses.

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