Other legends

Besides the legends of Breogan, Hercules and Trezenzonio other accounts have survived that have as they reference the Tower and that tell of epic and magical episodes, where reality and fiction come together and which have been handed down from generation to generation thanks to the transmission of the myth. The following are particularly remarkable:

The legend of the mirror

King Alfonso X, the Wise, tells in his Crónica General that when Hercules defeated Geryon, he killed him, buried his body and built a tower on his tomb. His nephew, King Hispan had a beacon and a great mirror placed on top of the tower so that no ship could sail along the coast without being seen from the lighthouse.

Tradition has it that this magnificent mirror was destroyed by the Jews who, fleeing from Nebuchadnezzar, reached the coasts of A Coruña by sea and, upon learning of the existence of such a mirror that could expose them, they decided to destroy it. To this end, they hid the ships under a mantle of leaves and tree branches and, under the camouflage of the vegetation, made their way to the foot of the Tower and, once there, broke the mirror.

The legend of the mirror has reached us through a variety of sources. Some writers associate the myth to that of Hercules while others link it to that of Breogan. The latter hold that in clear days it was possible to see the coasts of Ireland with detail and warn of the arrival of enemy ships in plenty of time.

The legend of the resistance of soldiers to Francis Drake's siege

Tettamancy, in his work La Torre de Hércules. Impresiones acerca de este antiquísimo faro bajo su aspecto histórico arqueológico, he tells how between 5 and 6 May 1589 English pirate Francis Drake besieged the city and captured la Pescadería. A group of soldiers, however, took refuge in the Tower and holed up there but suffered an extremely hard siege. It lasted nine long days. They ran out of victuals and water. Hunger and fatigue slowly defeated the strength of the soldiers. But one of them made it to the end, with nothing else to eat but the eggs of some of the birds that nested on the old lighthouse.