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In the Greek mythology Heracles was a divine hero and half God, son of Zeus and Alcmena. In the Roman mythology he was called Hercules. He is considered as the greatest heroe of the classic mythology, being his extraordinary force his most important attribute.

Hercules grew, married and killed his wife in a state of temporary madness. In order to expiate his crime, Euristeo, the King of the Greek city Tirinto, imposed twelve tasks on him, among them the taks of killing Geryon and taking possession of his bull's cattle.


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The first mythological King of Tartesos. According to the legend, he was a three-head giant that was looking after his large herds of oxen on the shores of the Guadalquivir.

According to the myth, one of Hercules' twelve tasks was the theft of Geryon's oxen. In order to fulfil it Hercules killed the shepherd Eurition and the two-head dog Orto, who were both protecting Geryon's cattle. In addition the legend indicates that Hercules fought against Geryon later, kiled him, and constructed upon Geryon's tomb the Tower of Hercules.