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Breogan is the name of a mythic Galician King. Legend has it that King Breogan built the City of Brigantia (A Coruña), located in the Iberian Peninsula. A tower (the Tower of Hercules) of such height, that his sons, Ith and Bile, could see the top of it from Ireland. They had left for this country, where Ith was killed afterwards. In revenge, the sons of Mil, grandson of Breogan and nephew of Ith, navigated from Brigantia to Ireland and conquered it.


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In the Greek mythology Heracles was a divine hero and half God, son of Zeus and Alcmena. In the Roman mythology he was called Hercules. He is considered as the greatest heroe of the classic mythology, being his extraordinary force his most important attribute.

Hercules grew, married and killed his wife in a state of temporary madness. In order to expiate his crime, Euristeo, the King of the Greek city Tirinto, imposed twelve tasks on him, among them the taks of killing Geryon and taking possession of his bull's cattle.